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A few days after reading my Doctoral Thesis. (4th March 2022)

I would like to share with the scientific and business community what my working model has been.

My Thesis is based on Data Science, in particular, I have researched in Statistical Learning, Clustering and Time Series. I have tried to follow the London School of Economics (The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)) doctoral model, in particular, the PhD in Statistics in the area of ​​"Time series and statistical learning" ( -Students/PhD-MPhil/PhD-in-Statistics).

This branch is very innovative in the field of Data Science, the LSE researchers are young and with recent research LSE Department of Statistics. Personally, I understand that many of my referents have studied and done their research there. Their resumes endorse them by creating new lines of research (

My research interests are Time Series and Statistical Learning. For anyone interested, you can contact me and analyse positions.

In the image, there is a work scheme followed in the Thesis entitled: "Big Data and Information Theory for Decision-Making: An Application to the Tourism Demand".

It has been a humble project but with great enthusiasm. If you think you can contribute scientifically to the paper called: "Spatio-temporal clustering: Neighborhoods based on median seasonal entropy"

I will be happy to receive comments and study possible contributions.


Miguel Angel



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